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What's the story behind your Fake Rolex?
rolex explorer ii At the very beginning of my career, I had a real chance to look Rolex, which is from one of mine colleague who showed me two older rolex he was sending in for service. Since his son was going to be graduated from university, he planned to give one to his son for celebration. I was quite surprised and naively asked him that why he wouldn't buy his son a brand new watch. He laughed loudly which seems like he knows I would ask. He enlightened me about what these rolex and mechanical watches were all about and what they meant to him.
When did you get this watch?
Roughly about two years ago I had come to a point in my career and life where I felt it appropriate to explore obtaining my first watch of Rolex. My business and I had just achieved a great milestone in our business and after spending countless hours ignoring my kids and researching watches I felt I was ready. Certainly I left the Rolex dealer with an entirely different watch than the one I intended to purchase. I am still think funny about how that happens…
Where has this watch been?
I would say nearly everywhere I have been. This replica watches for sale truly does everything and goes everywhere with me. No matter I am travelling, working, or even for some important occasions, I would wear it. No matter I am wearing jeans or suits. Not forgetting the Rolex Oyster's history as one of the first great waterproof watches I even wear it swimming at the waterpark with the kids.
Why do you love this watch?
As for me, some rolex replicas swiss made tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design. Rolex, this brand stands for hard work and endurance in my life. I hope to pass these values as well as the watch to my son as he grows up. I will and do have other watches going forward but this is the only one that I am sure will never get traded or sold.
What does this watch say about who you are?
The most important reason that I love Rolex is its design, which is the part that I value most, as well as engineering and stability. I defy being bound to the latest trends and defer instead to the simplicity of classic aesthetics.
If you could buy any watch tomorrow what would it be, and why?
Aha, interesting question. If it's possible, I would hope that I can buy one replica Rolex watch like Rolex Submariner 116613LB. I am just obsessed with its blue watch dial and comfortable ceramic bezel, which was produced before they switched to the updated sunburst dial. I love that blue like sky and sea and I believe it will be a special edition in the future.