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What's the story behind your Rolex GMT II?
rolex-gmt_master_ii-14109-1 Actually, first of all, I bought a gold & steel GMT II for several years. However, I didn't like it as much as I think I would. Thus, I sold it and instead, I bought a Rolex Submariner.
When - did you get this watch?
That was several years ago, I was in Tokyo for vacations. And I went to second-hand market and looked for some watches. Actually, I didn't have anything especially in my mind and I just went to there. If I keep my credit card intact, I would be happy as well. however, something appeared in front of my eyes.
In my experience half the fun of buying a watch from a second hand dealer is the negotiating, but not in Japan where they set a price and stick to it. I ended up going back to the shop twice over a couple of days to try to get his price tag down, and at the moment when I realized he wasn't going to budge I had to make a decision: do I want the watch, or do I want to haggle? Finally, as you can see, I bought the watch.
Where - has this watch been?
If I'm heading to a distinct time zone, even if it's Queensland when we're saving daylong and they're not, it's the first thing I reach for. The way the main hour hand adjusts, in hour jumps, makes it ideal for travel. Besides, If I am not go on a long journey, I would wear it two or three days each month. However, it's really a watch designed for travel. Beides, it has water proof functions, which allows me to even swim with it on my wrist, which is exactly what I did in Mykonos last August.
Why - do you love this watch?
It's solid, durable, and the way the GMT complication works is simple. Well-made and with great detail, this replica watch is definitely worth the money and it is probably one of the best looking replica watches out there.
What does this watch say about who you are?
Instead of the one in a Rolex store in Los Angeles, I was planning to upgrade to the latest GMT watch. Even though I bought a new one not for a long time, Coke bezels is still quite attractive to me. I can't remember anyone commenting on it. So I guess it doesn't say a lot about me, except maybe that I'm rationally rare and will be enhanced in value over time.
If you could buy any watch tomorrow what would it be, and why?
As for me, I would say I am quite a fan for GMT. Thus, no matter I would buy next, the chances are I'll be able to tell exactly where in the world it's five o'clock.